About us

Liza Timms set up Pebbles Pets in 2012. Having owned animals all her life and having an elderly Chihuahua herself (Pebbles) we wanted to provide bespoke care for other animal owners.

Both Liza and her husband are Pet First Aid trained should anything happen.

Our car does not have any sign writing on, nor do we wear a uniform to keep the fact that you are away discrete.


Dog Walking – from half hour to one hour walks, either individually or in groups. We only walk a maximum of 4 dogs at any one time. Dogs will be collected from your home and transported in a secure vehicle to ensure their safety. 

Dog sitting – a half hour visit to let your dog into your garden, throw a ball and interact with it or feed it

Cat Sitting – with cats being independent we can visit your home to provide food and water for your cats, and to let them out in the morning or secure them at night. Whilst visiting we are happy to also feed other caged animals, water the plants, pick up the post etc to keep your home looking like it's lived in when you are away.


Pet boarding – any caged animal can come and stay with us. We have looked after chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs, budgies and even a tortoise. Cages can be dropped to us or we can arrange to pick them up from you


Vet visits – we can take you and your pet to your vet for planned or emergency treatment.


Grooming visits – we can take your pet to be groomed and then pick them up again later and drop them back home to you

Areas Covered


Shirley, Croydon,                West Wickham, Beckenham,  Elmers End, Coney Hall