Dog Walking

 Pebbles Pets (“PP”) will collect and walk your dog at the agreed times from your home.


PP reserves the right to walk other dogs at the same time, but the total number of dogs walked at any one time will not exceed four dogs


You will either ensure that access is given to PP to collect your dog from your address at the agreed times or give PP a key to the place where your dog is kept. PP will use the key to collect and return your dog and for no other purpose, will keep it locked in a secure cabinet, will not let anyone else have the key, will not copy it and will return it to you on demand.


Access to your property must be straight forward i.e. keys should open doors easily or gates should be easy to open. If PP is unable to gain access into your property after making every reasonable effort you will still be charged for the walk.


It is your sole responsibility to ensure that your garden and its fences are secure. PP will not be held liable if your dog escapes from your garden.


You will supply suitable collar(s)/ harness(es) and lead(s) (and when necessary muzzles) for your dog and any coat(s)or other accessories which you wish to be used. Your dog(s)must have an ID tag in accordance with the law.


 PP will not make a charge for any cancellation made at least 48 hours prior to the agreed walk.


You will inform PP in writing of any characteristics of your dog which needs to be known for the handling and care of the dog.


 PP will inform you of any incident that occurs or any concerns that PP has with your dog


 Your dog will be kept on a lead at all times when it is walked. Should you give PP authority to exercise your dog off their lead then PP cannot be held responsible should any harm come to your dog, nor if it harms another dog nor if it fails to return back.


 PP will ensure that in so far as practical that your dog is not a nuisance or danger to any person, other animal or itself.


 You must provide written evidence that your dog’s immunisations, flea and worm treatments are up-to-date and that your dog is micro chipped.


You will provide PP with contact details of your vet. In the event on an emergency you authorise PP to refer your dog to your named vet, or in exceptional circumstances to a local vet. Any such visit, including treatment, advice and medication will be at your cost.

PP may in certain circumstances reduce the length of a walk due to extreme weather conditions (e.g. thunder, hail, heat) for the safety of the dog(s) and PP.

Pebbles Pets cannot be held responsible for any loss, accident, injury or death caused to any animal